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Adult Self Defense Classes

Our Krav Maga, hand to hand combat classes will teach you practical self defense skills, and improve your personal fitness.  Classes are typically 60 mins in length and feature a rotating curriculum of defense techniques, drills, and fitness conditioning organized by Rank Level.

Youth Self Defense,
7-12 yrs

In Israel, it's considered a high honor to teach children Krav Maga. In fact Krav Instructors normally have to teach adults for years before they're allowed to lead youth classes. At primal Krav Maga we're privileged to maintain that tradition.

Cardio Strike Fitness

When the lights go out, you know you’re at BANG! If you’re looking for a challenge that’s both hardcore and fun, BANG! is for you. Lit only by club lights and a thumping DJ mix, it’s “night club meets fight club!”  Punching, kicking and calisthenics take on a whole new vibe in our night club aesthetic!

Primal Zen Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga classes are available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sundays.

Yoga is a perfect compliment to combat training, or an excellent standalone practice for the mind and body.

Yoga is included with all Krav Maga or Fitness program memberships or as a drop in.

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WE Are atlas strong

Family matters.

     Krav Maga is about strength for self, family, and community. Your training is an investment in your loved ones safety, like any investment you want to know you are getting the most valuable and authentic training available. 

     Primal Krav Maga is an ATLAS KRAV MAGA affiliate. The ATLAS federation traces its roots directly to Israel's Wingate Institute, through Founder and Chief Black Belt Instructor Molotov Mitchell. The ATLAS method is dynamic, innovative, and loyally embodies the vision of Krav Maga creator Imi Lichtenfeld.  

     PKM students have the privilege of belonging to an elite family of Kravists dedicated to making the world a more dangerous place... for the bad guys!



Know Before You Go

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Frequently Asked Questions


Primal Krav Maga,
Head Instructor Bio


Krav Maga, and Imi Lichtenfeld:
A Brief History

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865 Memorial Ave Unit D

West Springfield, MA 01085

(413) 271-7645

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