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Schedule a Single FREE Class,
No time like the present!

Not sure if you want to commit to a paid trial or full membership yet? No problem, schedule a single free class or drop in any time to experience our one of a kind Self Defense or Physical Fitness classes (Limit one per person) with no strings attached!


Three Week Trial Membership $39.00

Unlimited Krav Maga and Fitness classes for 3 weeks. Award winning training.

Sign up before your trial ends and we'll credit the cost of your trial towards your first full months tuition.


See all options, Start a Full
Membership Plan

Time to go full throttle? Finished a trial and want to join full time? Looking to jump in to full time training immediately? Maybe you just want to browse pricing before getting started? All that available by clicking below.

Need more information?

Fill out the form to schedule a phone call with Primal Krav Maga Head Instructor Bill Kraus.

Please provide your contact info, Head Instructor Kraus will call within 72 hours. If the timing of the call is inconvenient we can schedule a call back at that time.

Mr. Kraus will answer your questions, and walk you through the process of starting your training in the worlds most effective combat system.


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