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BANG! Boxing | Cardio Strike Fitness

"night club meets fight club!"

BANG! Boxing

When the lights go out, you know you’re at BANG! If you’re looking for a challenge that’s both hardcore and fun, BANG! is for you. Lit only by club lights and a thumping DJ mix, it’s “night club meets fight club!” Unlike BANG! Lite, this class gives students a totally different aesthetic to train in, it has no breaks, and is designed to physically push students harder than any other class we offer. Punching, kicking and calisthenics take on a whole new vibe in our night club environment!

BANG! Light

Exercise is essential, but so many people have a hard time fitting hours and hours of fitness training into their busy schedules, and let’s face it…gyms are boring. Our BANG! Lite course solves both problems by burning hundreds of calories in FUN 45 minute sessions. Relieve stress! Hit something! BANG! Lite includes striking, movement drills and calisthenics. We’ve got morning, day and night classes throughout the week, and a friendly staff, so come on down and get in fighting shape today!


Flash BANG!

All the hardcore calorie torching excitement of BANG! in a condensed 30 minute format.

Flash BANG! fits into even the most time crunched lifestyle so you can get your cardio fix even when life's responsibilities pile on.

 Immerse yourself in the nightclub vibe while you kick, punch, and grind away the days stress, or knockout your workout early so you can get your day started with a BANG!

Get Started Today!

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