Primal Krav Maga, Reopening Procedures and

Update to Operating Policies concerning Covid-19

     It is the expectation of this Training facility to be able to reopen for regular business operations on or after June 8th, 2020. It has always been the policy of this school to provide a hygienic and safe environment in which to train however considering recent events a more advanced approach to Student/Staff hygiene must be applied. To prepare for reopening and with the assumption that no further delays will be imposed, the following changes/additions to our current policies will be enacted beginning on our first day of operation. It is expected that these procedures will meet or exceed State or Local requirements and will be enforced to protect the health and safety of our members/guests and staff, who wish to resume their training. If any further requirements are imposed by State or Local officials, then our policies/ procedures will be updated and disseminated accordingly.


1.  A copy of the updated Covid-19 procedures will be provided to Members and Guardians upon their       return to training, a signed acknowledgement of receipt of policy changes will be required.

2.  Primal Krav Maga Students and Family Members are encouraged not to attend classes if symptoms of       illness are present in themselves or any immediate family member or roommate, it will fall to the best         judgment of our Patrons to determine if their attendance is appropriate, it will be assumed by this             School that entry into our facility stands as a self-certification of good health and low risk of viral             contagiousness.

3.   No-touch temperature screenings will be conducted prior to entry onto the premises, any patron              registering above 100.0 deg Fahrenheit will not be allowed to attend on that day and encouraged        to take two weeks off from in person training. To facilitate this all classes will continue to be webcast        via Members that cannot attend in person classes, or yet do not wish to can continue to            attend virtually.  If a Member cannot pursue their training in any fashion due to a documented illness,        the affected members tuition payment will be suspended for an appropriate length of time as a                courtesy. When it is safe for said member to return to classes they may continue from where their              membership left off without penalty.

4.   Face coverings, in accordance with CDC guidelines will be required by all Patrons (during training,          while observing, or during pick up/drop off) during operating hours regardless of social proximity,          this is due to the limited space of our lobby, restroom facilities and entrance/exit. Maintaining                appropriate social distancing is challenging in our facility and by nature of our training practices,            appropriate measures must be taken to ensure patron safety. A limited number of reusable cloth face        masks will be available for issue to paid members who may need them, the first mask will be at no          charge, replacements will be a $5.00 fee.

5.   Limited seating will be provided in our lobby for Parents/Guardians of youth students to encourage          social distancing but pick up/drop off is strongly encouraged for youth students. To better facilitate          this all youth classes will be webcast via allowing parents/guardians to observe the class          from a remote location such as their parked vehicle, home etc.

6.   Hand Sanitizer or washing will be required after any training break or restroom usage, as well as            prior to the start of class.

7.   Any Personal Sparring/Training equipment utilized in class must be sanitized prior to and after use,          an enzyme based no rinse sports equipment cleaner is available for this purpose.

8.   Footwear on training mats will no longer be allowed, Street shoes or socks worn outside of these            training facilities will no longer be allowed on the mats to reduce cross contamination. Bare skin can        be more easily and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before, between or after classes than shoes          and socks, which can carry a great deal of dirt and bacteria on to training surfaces. Antibacterial            body wipes, and alcohol based hand sanitizer will be provided in the lobby of Primal Krav Maga          and by the restroom, it is expected that all students will clean hands and feet prior to entering the            training floor and upon leaving, as well as between visits to the restroom. An exception will be made        for specialized footwear such as Martial Arts/Wrestling/Boxing shoes “Mat socks”, or medical              devices such as braces or supports. Acceptable forms of training footwear must be changed into/out        of prior to and after class, cannot be utilized as regular footwear, must be visibly free of dirt or stains        and must be sanitized using provided sports equipment cleaner prior to class. Wearing specialized          training footwear into the restroom is discouraged, if practiced then footwear must be thoroughly              cleaned prior to resuming training. It is suggested that a clean pair of sandals (or disposable shoe            covers) be brought to class for use off the mats.

9.   All School provided training equipment (i.e. striking pads, punching bags, fitness equipment) utilized        during classes will be sanitized between classes and at the end of the operating day using either            Lysol wipes or bleach solution as has always been our policy, it is expected that students will                  continue to assist in this procedure to expedite the process during class transitions.

10.  The training floor will be regularly cleaned and sanitized, at the end of each training day the floor           will be vacuumed and sprayed with a 1:32 ratio bleach solution for general disinfection. The floor           will be mopped with a specialized athletic sanitizer every Saturday/Sunday at the end of the                 training day. In addition, the updated footwear policy will significantly reduce the amount of soil             transfer to our training floor microbial cross contamination and will markedly increase the general             life expectancy of the mats.

11.  All other frequent contact surfaces will be sanitized at regular intervals including but not limited to             water fountains, restroom facilities, entry/exit door handles, retail desk and kiosk, lobby                         floors/seating.


The return of our students to our school is anticipated with great excitement; together we can keep Primal Krav Maga, safe, healthy, and most importantly open!  


Many Thanks, KIDA!


Bill Kraus, Owner | Chief Instructor

Primal Krav Maga