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im in! how do i get started?

     Getting started with Primal Krav Maga is easy, and it should be !  Call, text, email, subscribe to our website or Facebook or Instagram pages and message us with your contact info to get detailed information about class content, costs etc, or simply drop in to try your first class for FREE.  No muss, no fuss, we want as few barriers between you and the most effective method of personal protection every created. 

Where are you located?

      Our new training studio is located at 865 Memorial Ave Unit D in West Springfield, Ma. We are located in the Spartan Auto Plaza right next to Gate 9 of the Eastern States Exposition Fair Grounds.

What should I wear, what should I bring?

     Wear comfortable workout clothes (t-shirt, shorts, etc.) and whatever shoes you would normally wear day to day, we recommend cross trainers or low top hiking shoes for outdoor training sessions.  Bring MMA gloves or boxing wraps for striking.  A mouthpiece and a cup are highly recommended.  A towel is never a bad idea, and don't forget a water bottle!

Will I sweat?


     You will.  Physical fitness is a survival skill, Imi believed that, and so do we.  Krav Maga classes are an intense, but fun workout designed to give the user the edge in a fight.  You will sweat, you will burn calories, and you will have a blast doing it!


Code of conduct.

     We believe in mutual respect.  The training we provide is intended as a survival tool for times of extreme personal risk, we take this idea seriously and strive to create a learning environment that students from all walks of life can feel comfortable participating in.  Many of our drills are designed to simulate the stress of a real attack, it is important that our students feel that they can trust each other, as well as the Instructor enough to fully open themselves up to the experience.

  • Listening to the Instructor for all instructions, and safety briefings is paramount, and prevents injuries or confusion.

  • Showing off, or disrupting class slows things down and detracts from others learning and will not be tolerated.

  • Above all learn, make friends, and Have Fun!

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